Bathroom Renovations

The bathroom is one of the environments that most need a periodic renovation, both for pipes and for the wear of coatings, paint, and artifacts. Also, fashions change, and new possibilities arise that add comfort, and we can take advantage of it. Changes you can make:

Check the pipe: the first thing to renovate in a bathroom is usually the pipe. Of minimum, you must check that it is well before changing coatings or bathroom furniture. The newest tubes last for years and are more efficient.

Change layers and colors of the paint. The benefits and colorful walls are widely used. In general, they are perfect in one wall, combined with wood or cement.

Replace the bathtub with a shower. It is one of the most classic reforms in bathrooms, saves space, gains practicality and accessibility to get older or suffer some reduced mobility.You can also think about adding a whirl and make some changes to build a home spa.

Change curtains in the bathtub by glass partitions. It is very fashionable and is usually an excellent solution to keep the cleanest bathrooms.

Renovate the vanity and bathroom furniture. Today there are very friendly options of super practical vanities, which even come with bacha, and they help you to modernize your bathroom and take better advantage of the space.

Change the bacha and the taps. Both the valves and the faucet change a lot over the years. Sometimes, these small changes are enough to give a much more modern look to the bathroom.